“The single most powerful thing one human can provide another is their undivided attention.”

Ryan Woods, CPT, was drawn to a career in fitness because of his first-hand experience with the life-altering impact of purposeful eating and exercise. He was not a natural athlete and struggled with health-related challenges throughout his youth. After high school, Ryan enlisted in the Army National Guard. The discipline and structure suited him, and after receiving his NASM Certification he pursued physical fitness as his full-time vocation.

Initially serving as a physical therapy assistant, Ryan quickly shifted his focus to private personal training. A series of negative encounters with personal trainers while pursuing his own fitness goals ignited him to develop a more personal and immersive approach.

In 2010, Ryan began EnFuse Fitness, his first business, as a way to share what he had learned through his studies, personal experience, and by seeking out industry-leading mentors, most notably, Jack Lalanne. His standard-bearing “two coaches/one client” training model continues to be the gold standard of personal training.

As his practice grew, Ryan expanded his focus to all aspects of emotional, mental, and physical health. He sought out experts in the fields of cardiology, neuropsychology and the behavioral sciences, integrative and environmental medicine, nutrition, lymphatic and glymphatic therapies, energy healing, and the exploration continues.

As Ryan’s knowledge about the wellness industry grew and understanding the importance of a multi-angular approach,he established his health-centric behavioral investment model, Health401k.

Ryan lives in Longmeadow, MA with his wife Adria. When he is not fighting the good fight, he can be found drinking homemade kombucha and dancing wildly (at least that’s what he likes to call it) well, just about everywhere.