Please allow us to introduce ourselves…

Health401k is a health and wellness company that will change the way you think about investing. We will challenge you to make a great investment in what is most important: your physical and mental health.

Put simply, Health401k is a framework, mindset, or model of thinking about how to best invest in yourself. You will create a health portfolio and watch it grow by making incremental, measured, and sustainable modifications to existing behavior that will bring you closer to your wellness goals. We are backing your investment with the power of scientifically-proven, guided behavioral change methodology.


We produce transformations through the power of personal attention.

The Health401k model is organized around the principle that undivided personal attention is the best product anyone can offer. Through our work with companies and their employees, we have seen what happens when people are engaged and motivated by interacting with real people. We are most gratified by the opportunity to guide small groups through an educational process that leads its participants to sustainable change. That’s where we shine. We know that guided investments are most likely to yield the greatest returns.

At the same time, it is our mission to make essential health-related information available to everyone. This website is the start of our effort to curate the best in relevant, timely resources from our ever-growing network of fully vetted, best-in-class health professionals. For both individuals whose health journey has led them here and for employees of the companies we work with, we want Health401k to be a transformative source of education and motivation.


This is a new start, but hardly the beginning…

Our inaugural blog post marks a turning point for Health401k as a company, but we’ve been spreading our message of positive, powerful, healthy change for years. Health401k began as a passion project of Ryan Woods, who wanted to ignite, excite, and empower people to make consistent, educated investments in themselves and their health. Ryan’s direct and very personal connection to heart disease drove him to organize an engaging, highly informative, multi-disciplinary educational symposium on this global killer for the general population. The symposium became an annual event and led to the development of smaller-scale, custom workshops for area corporations, targeted to their employees’ most pressing health-related needs.

In the past few years, Health401k has evolved into a company that can form powerful, collaborative partnerships to assess, address, and beta-test educational strategies that best inform a company’s wellness model. We are set apart in this crowded space by our ability to reach employees through targeted, personal interactions; ours is a tailored experience that aligns with a company’s top-down model for wellness.


Health401k is a catalyst for healthy change that extends from the individual to their families and their communities.

We believe that the best possible contribution we can make is in helping people build generational health. Health401k aims to support the individual in such a way that there will be a positive spillover effect — to the person’s co-workers, family members, and larger community. We are working with corporate and non-profit partners to support multi-sensory programs teaching healthier eating to children and their families. We are helping guide individuals toward healthier living by examining the unhealthy habits that can be changed with our behavioral model. We are using our company to bring people together to learn, exchange knowledge, and to experience the difference a small investment in your most valuable asset can yield.

We hope you’ll join us! To learn more about Health401k and to sign up for our quarterly newsletter, please sign up here .