The best “products” we offer at Health401k are our personal attention and the human connections we encourage through our work. From our workshops to our recommendations, we are guided by the doctrine, proven by personal experience and backed by research, that everyone — regardless of age, gender, socio-economic status, occupation, geography – benefits from strengthened human connections. Simply having someone pay attention to us and truly hear us can be life-changing.

We work only with small groups because we believe that personal engagement is far more effective than webinars, videos, and lectures series. During our custom workshops, we encourage all participants to contribute as much as they are willing and in alignment with their comfort level. We have seen the well-being of our workshop participants be enhanced by the targeted information we provide, but also by the opportunity to interact with other group members in a setting that encourages the formation of deeper personal connections.

Our workshops address health issues that have become a challenge to modern well-being, including stress, cardiovascular disease, and sleep deprivation. We have found that by presenting actionable information in a setting that allows participants to ask questions and engage in open discussion with both health professionals and their peers, we can motivate them to begin making healthy changes. An essential component of long-term, sustainable change is the personal support network (an idea we explore thoroughly in the Health401k Habit Mapping Workshop). Our workshops unite like-minded people around a goal. Out of many small group sessions, support networks have been formed.

In a recent article for Entrepreneur magazine, Dr. Eric Solomon, a veteran of senior-level marketing roles at YouTube, Spotify, Google, and Instagram, makes a compelling case for businesses to supplement their reliance on big data sets with a healthy dose of human connection. His personal journey is an insightful, entertaining read, and one that underscores the basic tenet upon which Health401k is built: at the end of the day, what truly matters are the human connections that have been made, and the personal attention that has been given.

“The net result of the connected world is that people are producing more signals about who they are, what they talk about, and the things they like. So the temptation — ­one I understand all too well — is to move away from individuals and to look for human patterns in the tangled web of data.” – Eric Solomon

We at Health401k have arrived a bit late to social media; in fact, our LinkedIn company page, created just this week, and our revised website, just recently outfitted with analytic capabilities, are our sole entries into the digital marketing world. That may strike some as horribly outdated and perhaps even a bit negligent for a company operating in 2020 — but we have been busy making those in real life, human connections that are reinforcing our vision for the company. We have embraced the truth that in order to reach as many people as possible, we had best grow our online presence. But even before we read Dr. Solomon’s cautionary tale, we made a pledge to always “first, connect.” We will stay true to the mission that drives Health401k, and always see the human, not the data point.

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Wishing you health and peace,
The Health401k Team