It is the mission of Health401k to make essential health-related information available to everyone. We are committed to curating the best in relevant, timely resources from our ever-growing network of fully vetted, best-in-class health professionals by offering workshops and onsite services to the employees of our corporate clients.

For individuals, we hope this website will be a means of beginning a dialogue through which we can provide support for investing in your health. Our scope is evolving, and we are planning events and additional outreach for our communities, both local and online, throughout the year.

But occasionally, even when we think we are explaining ourselves clearly, we get asked, “What exactly does Health401k do?”

First: What Health401k is

Health401k is a behavioral investment model. Simply put, we want you to invest in your health, and we promote that investment by using the principles of behavioral science and highly curated information about health and wellness. We guide our clients in building personal health portfolios, which is Health401k-speak for teaching people how to make better choices that will lead to improved physical and mental health.

Health401k stresses the importance of making human connections and offering undivided personal attention. We believe that by getting people together who share the same concerns and have similar goals, our model will be an inspiration and a catalyst for change. There is power in a social contract, and Health401k facilitates that dynamic. Guided investments tend to yield batter results. 

…and what Health401k is not.

We are not the latest health and wellness trend. We offer no magic cures or special potions for instant well-being. We are not offering anything revolutionary; all of our work is based on time-tested principles of behavioral science and backed by experts. We do not offer a mass-produced, one-size-fits-all solution. We are not videos on a website or an app.

How does Health401k work with companies?

When we work with corporate partners, we design an approach targeted to the needs of their employees. Our work with companies is conducted in small groups because we believe that personal engagement is far more effective than webinars, videos, and lectures series. We guide small groups through an interactive presentation followed by an extensive question and answer session, supplementing our sessions with helpful leave-behinds. In some cases, our participants are connected to a web portal customized for their company, through which they can access pre-workshop assessments and post-workshop follow-up materials.

When your company arranges to bring Health401k onsite, you can expect some variation of the following. In our workshops, you will be introduced to the Health401k model of thinking about how to best invest in yourself. You will create a health portfolio and watch it grow by making incremental, measured, and sustainable modifications to existing behavior that will bring you closer to your wellness goals.

What kinds of workshops does Health401k offer?

Currently, our workshops focus on stress management, crisis management, habit change, and sleep management. While the topics vary, we have a consistent format; it allows enough time to acquaint participants with relevant, expert information and engage in meaningful conversation through a guided Q&A session. We are also developing programs that address the needs of parents and families, focusing specifically on nutrition.

What onsite services does Health401k offer?

As part of a complete offering to companies, we can bring in our network partners to provide onsite fitness training and mental health services.

Does Health401k provide any services for individuals who are not working for one of your corporate partners?

Our outreach to individuals is primarily through group events that celebrate health and address current topics in wellness, and personal referrals to our network partners. In the past, we have had great success in teaching community groups about cardiovascular health through our symposium series. 

How do I learn more about Health401k?

Send us an email to let us know what you’d like to learn more about, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Wishing you health and peace,
The Health401k Team